In 1947, Curtis H Stout began a commercial, industrial, and utility business that serviced the Arkansas market. Quickly, it grew to include all the mid-south territory and the basic company principles are still present today; to provide our customers with quality products and services. Curtis Stout is celebrating over 75 years of leadership in the electrical industry as a manufacturer’s representative and value-added provider of electrical turn-key solutions. Curtis Stout’s client representatives analyze the needs and expectations of our customers, working to develop and recommend appropriate solutions based upon those needs.

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas with offices across seven states. We are committed to being the best electrical solutions provider, as judged by our manufacturers and customers.


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A Team Approach

Curtis Stout’s approach to the market is through stand-alone offices which operate as Individual profit centers. However, our 130 employees all have a common goal, to make Curtis Stout the most successful company it can be. This is done by sharing best practices and product knowledge that would be beneficial to the overall success of each office, and ultimately to the entire company. This approach was the foundation of Mr. Stout’s vision of the company.